Mars ?

Black Mars was born from passion and desire, to offer excellent services for the business environment in Romania, for entrepreneurs, start-ups and large companies.
Now we are a global advertising agency and we have reached this point because at the beginning we made a promise to ourselves: to deliver quality and to have the same goal as our clients, to grow their business.

We like to stand out from the crowd and not conform to the rules. In other words, we adapt our marketing services for each business, depending on its path, needs and the place it will be in the long-term. We hope you have no limits and will come with us on this journey to Mars.

Thus, we form a large team that supports each other and invests important resources in the effective promotion of the brand. With this mindset, we turned professional trials into personal challenges and successfully overcame them, identifying optimal development solutions.

Because we want long-term partnerships, trust, ethics and mutual respect are the values ​​we promote within the agency. And the courage to act has brought us results every time. Do you have the courage to make a decision today that will positively influence your life on all levels? We know you answered "YES", so we leave you a contact button below to establish the strategic plan.